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What We Do

We Are a Personal Concierge Service

**This is not an all-inclusive list. If your service isn't listed above, feel free to ask and we'll do our best to accommodate.

  • In-home wait service for installation/repair of phone, utility, and cable services

  • Accept home deliveries for appliances, furniture, etc.

  • Home check-ins for mail; trash to curb; water plants/lawn

  • Relocation assistance (transporting vehicles, moving, etc)

  • Provide resource referrals (landscaping, mechanics, event planning, musicians)

Personal Errands

  • Pharmacy; Dry cleaning; Tailor & Shoe drop-off/pick up

  • Personal shopping, Merchandise returns/exchanges

  • FedEx/USPS/UPS pickup & delivery

  • Ticket/restaurant reservations; Food pickup & delivery. 

  • DMV Services

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Pickup and delivery of car inspections 

  • Take vehicle to dealership appointments (oil, tires, repairs, etc)

  • Car detailing and/or car wash

  • Pick up purchased vehicles from dealership

  • Transportation services (air, bus, train pickup/drop-off)

Home Management

Services can range from:

Services can range from:

Services can range from:

Who We Are

While employers would like nothing more than to have their employees glued to their desks, focused on being productive, and working 100 percent of the time they are at work, it just isn’t practical.  Employees are often distracted by personal needs like filling a prescription, scheduling an oil change or picking up that last minute birthday gift. 


Working 12 hour days and burning the candle at both ends, I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to manage work, home, and family on a daily basis.  There’s simply no time to run those errands, go to the post office, swing by the DMV, or simply schedule a romantic dinner with your significant other. Fast forward to the weekends and the usual 8 to 5, Monday – Friday Businesses are closed. 


So when am I supposed to take care of my personal responsibilities and tasks? I needed more hours added to my day. But just as important, I needed my life back!  So how do I accomplish this task while helping others to also achieve this success?  Relax Let Us Work was the solution! 


With 20 years of Personal Assistance experience, Robert L. Williams enjoys giving time back into his clients’ day.  It is his mission to create a worry free environment so that his clients can focus on those areas that are most important to them.  And he is determined to improve his clients’ work/life balance.   


Please choose from our list of affordable pricing packages below. Note that the hours of service included per package are for ANY combination of services chosen. Click here for our list of services.

Robert L. Williams
President of 
Relax Let Us Work
What We Do

Contact Us

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For questions, concerns, or more information please contact us at:

Robert L. Williams

(919) 349-7293

For personal or business service requests, please fill out our form below:

**We accept cash, check, and credit cards

Why We Do It

How many times have you wished you had someone to run an errand, pick up a gift, or wait at your home during that 4-hour delivery window?  How often have you simply wanted to focus on those things that YOU WANT to do?

Relax Let Us Work wants to FREE up your time so that you can be FREE! Let us add more hours back into your day by reducing the stress of never-ending to-do lists, time-consuming home maintenance services, and necessary automobile upkeep services.

Let Us Help You Take Control of Your Life 

Why We Do It

Relax Let UsWork

"Freeing up your time, so that you can be free"

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